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Goa as a state may be small; but we believe that it is massive in its own way.

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Massive Goa in a Nutshell

bg3-150x150 Goa as a state may be small; but we believe that it is massive in its own way. Massive Goa Entertainment intends to show you just how immense the heart and soul of this state really can be. We are your go-to professionals to handle strategic planning and execution of events, gigs or any kind of entertainment you would seek out in Goa. Our team will help you from inception to execution all the while providing you with hospitality and warmth Goans are well known for. Say Hi, Email us

Our Skills

  1. Partying 80%
  2. Training 60%
  3. Working  100%
  4. Listening to Music 90%
  We pride our services on being more people friendly and effective than most. We will help you to the best of our ability with our myriad services on display below as well as any other needs you may have that require personal attention.

  • " It was an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Massive Goa. We were all so impressed with the staging and lighting, and the way you run the show. - James Fernandes
  • Once again Britannia UK chose Massive Goa as their partner for the two events in Mumbai and Goa and once again we were delighted with the quality of service and support we received. When working in India we will always choose Massive Goa as our partner.- Britannia UK - Kelvin Dean
  • This was one of the best organized event, smooth as silk, Massive Goa did a Fab job. They were in line with my expectations, my last minute requirements were handled without glitches. I definitely recommend them and will use them for my next event.- Canderel UK- Micky Dora